[Silver Spoon] Chapter 98 Thoughts

1) I found the beginning to the chapter to be a nice one.  Humorous, too.

2) The pig, Ex-President, made me chuckle.  Definitely hilarious!

3) I also liked learning that Komaba has eased a bit, opening up a little to the others, including Hachiken.

4) Hachiken has grown up a lot.

5) Yoshino is in ‘trouble’.  How hilarious!

6) The newbie of the equastrian club sure acts like the past Hachiken.  She’ll grow stronger as time passed by.

7) I think there will be more focus on Yoshino’s situation.  Don’t know if it will be resolved in just one chapter, but it will probably be hilarious as always.

Yeah, I think this chpater deserved a post, so I published one for it.





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