[Naruto] Chapter 675 Thoughts

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for the nice artwork!

2) I wasn’t surprised that Sakura was rescued.  Also, didn’t mind the flashback scenes, given they are necessary to the story.

3) Damn Madara.

4) Damn MADARA.


6) I like Naruto’s power from that legendary Sage more and more.

7) Kakashi following the younger ninjas’ conversation is pretty funny, especially as I imagine him gazing at each individual ninja as s/he speak up.  And the flashback scene isn’t even troublesome, given the content and the person having said flashback.

8) I don’t even mind the “intimate” conversation of the reunited original Team 7.  It’s not a bad thing.  Sorta bittersweet, actually.

9) Can someone tell me why the chapter’s title is about Sasuke’s Rinnegan?  I have an idea, but I want to be sure I got it correct.

10) We’ll see Madara with his complete Rinnegan in the next chapter.  The original Team 7 will fight this Madara.  I hope we learn what’s happend to Obito.  I sure hope he survives.  I mean, he has to impart the revelation he got from Madara to Kakashi.  At least, I think both men deserved to know about it all.

This chapter wasn’t a bad one.  I was more receptive of this chapter than the chapter I read before this one today.  The content was better overall.


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