[Noblesse] Chapter 300 Thoughts

300TH!!!!!  YAY!!!!

I’m going to make this a tad longer due to the milestone of the series for reaching 300th chapters.  The ‘tad longer’ being that my aim is still to be caught up with the series, but just slightly longer than the previous two posts from this series.

So I’ll explain why the posts were not as informative as one would expect if a post is focused on the content of said chapter.

Right now, the number/bullet system works so that it provides a quick and systematic way of putting my reactions about the chapter as I read it.  As I read the chapter.  They are my reactions to what grabbed my attention as I read the chapter.  Thus, the post may sound garbish, but if one reads the chapter, my posts will be understandable to that reader.  Sorta, I think.

Now you know how my posts for these series are done.  Let’s move on to what I think the chapter is all about.

1) Damn Ignes.

2) I’m feeling ambivalent, so I’ll admit that Ignes is brainy for those three cyborgs?  Androids?  Inventions?  Just saying they are great sparring opponents for Seira, if it was a different situation altogether.

3) Rael arriving at the last moment?  Not a surprise, but still a welcome one.

And that’s my reactions to the whole chapter.


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