[Beelzebub Bangai Hen] Chapter 1 Thoughts

BEELZEBUB IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been waiting for the return of this series for some time.  I knew that it would be back this month, but I didn’t know when it will be back.

So let’s get to my reactions to the chapter.

1) I love colored pages!!!!!!!!  Especially when it continues for more than one page.

2) Beel wearing clothes!  Wow, that’s new.  Wonder if it will stick?

3) New character: Great Mom.  She’s Beel’s paternal grandmother.  She’s a…indescribable, I guess?

4) Hilda’s devotion to Beel is very…huge?  Admirable?  Obsessive?

5) Furuichi’s reaction…well, typical of him.

6) I like seeing the whole gang again.  Well, the one with kids hanging along, that is.

7) The kids talk!  Especially Kouta, the youngest Kunieda.  Aoi’s younger brother.

8) Kouta.  Kouta.  Kouta.  You make me see some similarity to Furuichi when you did that certain action.  But you are still adorable.

9) Chibi Oga is cute.  Muscular chibi Furuichi is funny.  Tween (I think) Hilda looks approachable..or softer.

10) To answer my second point’s question: it didn’t stick.

11) Ehehehehehe…oh, gosh.  I will admit older Kouta is a bishounen, but the reason he wanted to “grow up” makes me laugh.

12) The fight was hilarious!  I liked it a lot!!!!  Go Team Oga and Beel!!!!!

13) Furuichi deserves the last point about this chapter.  He was in the last panel of the chapter, and rightly deseeves it, given what role he actually fits in this series.

No predictions/guesses.  I just want to enjoy the return of the series.


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