[Noblesse] Chapter 310 Thoughts

This will be the last chapter for now.  I’ll have more posts done whenever I get to it, but it may be later this week.  Who knows, I may end up catching up to the latest chapter by that time, too. Anyway, let’s get to my thoughts about this chapter.

1) I don’t even mind the start of the chapter featuring Rajak and that werewolf.

2) Nor do I mind seeing that other werewolf, too.

3) Roctis despising Raizel?  Well, I despise you for making Raizel use his own powers.  So there!

4) Poor Raizel.  Roctis made him do what he had to do because Roctis couldn’t punish his own daughter for what she had done.  Now Roctis was punished.

5) Foremost in my mind, I sure hope that Ignes won’t get a Soul Weapon.  She doesn’t deserve it, that’s for sure.  So thasrt is my hope in that situation.

Alright, that’s it for now.  Until next time!


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