[Silver Spoon] Chapter 100 Thoughts

100 CHAPTERS!!!!

This is a milestone for this series!   Thus, I’ll try to have this post a tad longer than the previous one.  Here we go!

1) It was a nice beginning to the chapter.  I liked the expression of the two.

2) Ayame provides some funny moments, too.

3) Hachiken is aghast about losing to Ayame in P. E.?!  Hilarious!!

4) Ah, Shingo.  You got a tough road in tutoring for you. But I think you deserve it.  Bwahahahahaha!!!!!

5) That damn Okawa-senpai!  Hachiken was this close to asking Mikage out!  Damn Okawa-senpai!!!!

6) Okawa…what you provided for hilarity has been acknowledged.  Still, you suck for disrupting the confession, but I may forgive you for the facts you provided about agriculture.

7) Ex-President is a female pig.  A sow.  ‘Nough said.

8) I’ll miss that teacher.  But she wants to be a hunts[wo]man.  Good for her!

9) Fuji-sensei even learns from her students.  What a nice ending to the chapter.

10) The last chapter may be more entertaining to me, but this vhapter is still a good one.  Thus, it was a nice milestone chapter to this series.

One more chapter and I’ll be caught up with the series!  Next, please!


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