[Silver Spoon] Chapter 101 Thoughts

I’m all caught up with this series!  Here’s what I thought about this chapter:

1) So the chapter is focused on pork.  Especially Okawa-senpai’s Ex-President.  Hmm, interesting.

2) Mikage family center stage at the beginning of the chapter.  Nice.

3) The Mikage matriarch remembers raising pigs.  Ehehehehe…

4) Building the pig shelter is not bad, especially give what the materials were before.  Nice way of recycling things.

5) I like the camaraderie between Okawa and Hachiken.  Especially in relation to the future business venture that the two will be undertaking.

6) Okawa, you had provided your usual funny moment here in this chapter.  Well done!

7) I expect the next chapter to continue with the pig business.  However, I also expect the focus to be located at the school.  We’ll see.


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