[Silver Spoon] Chapter 99 Thoughts

This chapter deserves to be highlighted by me.  So here are my thoughts about it:

1) Yoshino may had taken care of fish, but she learned something from her trip to France.  Given that she got to sample some cheese varieties, now she knows what kund of cheese she wants to make.  Good and bad things from that trip.  Good for her.

2) Nice to see some Mikage and Hachiken interaction.  Sweet and funny ones, too.

3) Poor freshman.  She has to be the messenger between the quasi-couple and the equastrian club members.  But it sure provided some funny moments there.

4) Hachiken is attached to his cow.  Go figure.

5) Such sweet sisters.  Kimaba sure is lucky to have them.

6) Milk.  ‘Nough said.

Next up is a milestone for this series.  It’ll be up next!


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