[Naruto] Chapter 676 Thoughts

Okay, let’s get down to what I thought about this chapter, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some nice artwork!

2) Damn Madara.

3) I still have hope that Obito is still within that body, even though it seems that Obito is ‘gone’ already.

4) Sakura taking steps back…and the flashback scene…well, not even going to be teasing her about it.  I think it is a normal response to a power source that can scare someone.  Hence, me not even making fun of Sakura.

5) But Sakura actually did a decent move in the next page.  Nice of her.

6) Seems like Sakura hasn’t let go of her feelings for Sasuke in that respect.

7) Yeah, I feel that Sakura deserves some points for being a tough chica.  Kudos for her in this chapter.

8) I like the scenes of other characters, like Gaara.  They may not be featured as much in this chapter, but I’ll give them credit for being even in this chapter that features the original present Team 7 and Madara.

9) Kurama!!! A bijuu in this chapter!!!!  Yeah!!!!!

10) Kakashi can’t see the “shadows” that Naruto and Sasuke can sense.  So I guess that panel shows what Kakashi is seeing.  Nice reaction, Kakashi.

11) Well, s***.  So the genjutsu will definitely happen.  What will Naruto do to disrupt/end said genjutsu?  And how will Sasuke help him accomplish that task?  Just…well, hopefully those questions will be answered in the next chapter.

12) That said, just want to reiterate it again: Damn Madara.

13) This chapter wasn’t so bad at all.  It did feature the original current Team 7, as expected.  Each younger member of Team 7 did something, so that’s not a bad thing.  I didn’t really mind this chapter after all.  I was just not as excited as some other chapters from this series has given me.  But overall, it wasn’t a bad chapter.


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