[Bleach] Chapter 580 Thoughts

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing the artwork.

2) Catnipp, you b****!

3) Way the go, Kenpachi!  You are doing what a good captain should be doing for his division!

4) Rampard, you annoying b****!

5) Macaron, you b****!

6) Giselle Jewel, you b****! You are just lucky your name is easy to remember, compared to the other b****es with you.

7) Okay, that’s just not fair!  Targeting the 11thdivision and outright annihilating them…well, a lot of them.  That’s just not fair.

8) I think the next chapter, either those b****es will be summoned back to their Emperor or backup for Zaraki will make an appearance to help him defeat those b****es.  Yeah, I don’t like them.  So getbused to it.

9) This chapter, while introducing those b****es, is still a mediocre one.  I wasn’t as invested in its context as I could have.  But then again, the recent chapters has just felt like the story isn’t moving further at a pace I would have liked it to be.  Thus, my interest level is not as high as when Ichigo makes his appearances in the chapters.

Anyway, that’s it for what I think about the chapter.


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