[Noblesse] Chapter 313 Thoughts

Okay, I’m back in trying to catch up with the series.  So let’s keep the brief commentary moving!

1) Damn Crombell.

2) For sure, I don’t want him to get any lab data that the b**** Ignes and the 9th U. E. has gathered.  In fact, I want Frankenstein to have them, though the creators may have Crombell steal such data.  (I think Crombell is a character that the creators are fond of.  Tch.)

3) Wow, what power those two have.  Seems like they are equal to each other.  Hmm…

4) Raizel!  Damn it, stop using your power to the extent of killing yourself!  Damn it!!

5) Damn it all!

Yeah, these are my reactions to the chapter.  On to the next one!


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