[Noblesse] Chapter 314 Thoughts

Let’s continueon with catching up with the series, shall we?

1) It was nice of Raizel to heal the three younger Nobles.  Even if by using his own powers, he shorten his lifespan.  That’s just like him to do so.

2) Okay, it was mentioned that “everything” was destroyed.  I disagree.  Crombell will probably find some data that he can use in the future…which means

3) Damn Crombell.

4) It was nice to have those two enhanced human bodyguards, Tao and Takao, come and get Raizel and company.

5) I liked the reaction Rajak and Frankenstein have when they learned of Karias and the school.

6) Karias is showing his personality to the max!  Not a bad scene break.

7) Tao is his usual self here.  ‘Nough said.

8) Takao showed his prowess with guns.  ‘Nough said about that.

9) So the ending of this chapter featured the 2nd U. E. and the 5th U. E. reporting on what she had seen.  Not a remarkable scene, but probably a necessary one.

And that’s all for this chapter’s commentary by yours truly.


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