[Noblesse] Chapter 315 Thoughts

Almost caught up with the series!  So let’s continue on with my thoughts about the chapter!

1) I was right about Crombell getting some data.  Tch.

2) Damn Crombell.

3) I didn’ t see Tao in that one panel, but I digress from the importance of Karias, who has adapted quite well to high school life.

4) Tao admires Karias?  Ehehehe…..

5) Ah, the good guys, including Karias, are just so fun to read about!

6) It sure is nice to see how Rael, Regis, and Seira are doing after their excursion.

7) Now at leaast Rael knows the consequence od Raizel using his power.  So the outburst that Rael gave didn’t phaseme at all, given what was explained to him afterwards.

8) RAIZEL!!!! You spoke a lot in this chapter!  Way more than an average chapter usually has.  Even though what you said is bittersweet.

9) So the Unioj really isn’t as united as one thinks.  Too many backstabbing and all.  Damn.

Anyway,that’s it for my thoughts for this chapter.


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