[Noblesse] Chapter 320 Thoughts

I got two more chapters to read before I’m caught up with the series.  Not counting this one, of course.  So let’s move on, shall we?

1) Nice interaction between the 5th U. E. and Karias as they fight each other.

2) Nice, Karias.  Very nice to show how good you are at combat.

3) Ah, so it is the eyes.  Hmm, not a bad power, 3rd U. E.

4) I’ll admit it again, those two U. E. have nice teamwork in this fight against Karias.

5) Whoa crap. Didn’t expect the present Lord to come to Korea and Karias’ rescue.  Damn, made me widen my eyes in surprise.  Or it is shock?  Whatever the case, that’s something I never expected to happen.  Nice, creators.  Very nice.

6) I wonder how that will work, with the present Lord arriving, that is.

This chapter wasn’t what I expected.  The last part of the chapter is the best part of it, with the arrival of the present Lord.  For that, I’m moving to read the next one now!!!!


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