[Noblesse] Chapter 321 Thoughts

One more chapter and I’m caught up with the series!!!!  Yay!!!!  Okay, on to what I thought about this chapter!

1) Awww…the chapter started with Kentas and M-21.  But it’s okay.  Still not a bad beginning to the chapter.

2) Seems sorta one-sided, don’t you think so?  I mean, M-21 fighting against Kentas, that is.

3) Snap out of it, M-21!!!!  Tao and Takeo need you to fight against Kentas with a clear mind!  However…

4) …nice save, C. L., whoever you may be.

5) Okay, it seems that Lukedonia is making a move against the Union.  I’m just wondering, who is protecting Lukedonia?  Or is Lukedonia still under a protective barrier and who is keeping it up?  Hm, I guess it may be mentioned in the past arcs or something.  I can’t remember.  Oh, well.  That’s how memories are.

6) Sensible, U. E.  Very sensible of you two.

7) No surprise that Raizel felt Raskreai, the present Lord.  You know what, I’ll probably forget the present Lord’s name, so I’m sticking with what I’ve been calling her.  Makes it easier for me.

8) Damn, the two U. E. escaped.  Damn those two!

Well, I guess that is the end of the chapter.  Next one!


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