[Silver Spoon] Chapter 102 Thoughts

I decided that this chapter needed a post from me.  Commentary and all.  So let’s keep moving, shall we?

1) I liked the chapter cover.  Seeing those three female equestrian members dressed up in their uniforms is nice.  I liked how the rookie was being overpowered by the bigger uniform.  Ha!

2) Okawa sure is taking over (for now, I guess) Tokiwa’s role.  Or rather, he’s sharing that role with Tokiwa, but now it is his turn right now.  Anyway, nice of him to make his funny appearance.

3) Though the list is realistic, it is also funny!  Ah, the harsh yet funny truth of it all…

4) Ahahahahahaha!!!!!  See how gossip goes around…and around…and around…

5) Mikage Aoi as the next club president?!  Good choice.

6) Hachiken as the vice-president of the club?  Pretty good choice.  Or rather, not really unexpected at all.

7) Nice to see Ichiro again.

8) Nice conversation between Aoi and Ichiro.

9) Actually, I think that said theme will continue to the next chapter.  I felt that the ending of this chapter sorta felt  like it needs to be continued, being abrupt, you know.  Thus, more hilarity and seriousness about agriculture in the next chapter!

This wasn’t a bad chapter at all.


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