[Bleach] Chapter 581 Thoughts

Okay, let’s just get to what I thought of the chapter!

1) Nice artwork, scanlation group!

2) Though I may not like the characters on the colored chapter cover, I still appreciate that it was a colored chapter cover.

3) Nice to see Hirako and Momo.  That other vice captain, too.

4) Nice to see that Zaraki is a key figure in the war.  At least they know what role Kenpachi has.  ‘They’ being both sides.

5) Damn villain.

6) Nice to see Byakuya again.

7) Rukia sensed said arrival’s presence.  But she wasn’t the only one, thank goodness.  Just sucks that it seems like she was the first, though.

8) Nice to see Ichigo arrive where Zaraki is located.

9) Damn b****es.

10) Ichigo!  Let’s hear it:  Ichigo.  Ichigo.  Ichigo!!!

11) Tag team of Zaraki and Ichigo!  At least, that is what I think.  Though Ichigo probably will be doing most of the grunt work between them, given the condition Zaraki is right now.

Anyway, this chapter was a tad better than the previous chapters that has come out recently.  Why?  Because of Ichigo!  I’ve been waiting for him for some time, so it’s a good thing to see.  At least, my interet level went up a bit more due the arrival of Ichigo.


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