[Bleach] Chapter 582 Thoughts

Let’s just get to what I thought this chapter is all about.

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some nice artwork!  Truly appreciated the eye candy!

2) Woah.  That’s some nice teamwork from the villains.

3) The Ichigo action isn’t so bad.  And mind out of the gutter, people!

4) Don’t really mind the villain humor.  These villains feel like they have some funny wit in them.  Still don’t like them.

5) That one page featuring Ichigo in his new outfit feels like a potential fan-work.  Yup, I can see it.  Definitely.

6) Those ‘heart’ weapons are annoying.  Annoying in the sense that I don’t like the villains having the ‘heart’ symbol with them.  Just…yeah, can’t really describe my feelings about it.  Thus,

7) Damn b****es.

8) Damn Emperor villain.

9) Don’t know what that other villain meant.  Is it going to be a double-crossing or something similar like that?  Hmm, very vague, that one.

10) This chapter wasn’t so bad.  All thanks to Ichigo the chapter wasn’t as bad as I thought it could be.  That said, I think the next chapter will start with the Emperor starting his tactic/move/etc.  Of course, Ichigo will also be featured fighting against those b****es.  With the Emperor making his move, I don’t know if Ichigo’s fight against those b****es will be disrupted or not.  That’s all what I see for the next chapter.

That’s all for what I thought for this chapter.


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