[Noblesse] Chapter 323 Thoughts

Let’s see what I thought about this chapter, shall we?

1) Yeah, M-21 sorta looks similar to Kentas in that werewolf transformation.  But M-21 still looks waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than Kentas in that form.

2) Way the go, M-21!  You’re keeping up with Kentas, that’s for sure!

3) Damn Kentas for hurting M-21!

4) The fight scenes aren’t bad at all.  Even if the power levels between the opponents are different, I still liked seeing how much M-21 progressed and some werewolf moves by Kentas.

5) I don’t like seeing Tao and Takao not doing anything but just watching.  It just makes it boring.

6) Sweet.  Gejutel is back!!!!

7) Oh?  I didn’t know that Gejutel was a traitor and was pardoned by the previous Lord.  Did I miss that information?  Was it even mentioned in the previous chapters?  Hmm…

8) Tao has done it again.  Definitely his humor skit is funny to read!

9) I actually see the next chapter being a continuation of the encounter from this current chapter.  Gejutel will defend the three enhanced human bodyguards from Kentas.  Kentas will probably make a move against Gejutel but will escape to regroup with the 5th U. E.  After that, probably the next chapter will show the good guys recuperating from their fights/battles.  That’s what I see coming for the next chapter.

This chapter wasn’t so bad at all.  For the most part, that is.


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