[Bleach] Chapter 583 Thoughts

Okay, let’s start on my commentary about this chapter, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providinbgb the artwork!  The Ichigo on is wicked.

2) Wow.  Those weapons are cute but deadly.

3) I get the slap-stick (is that what you call it?) humor but I’m not really interested in the b****es at all.

4) The wishes…yeah.  Can’t really say anything about it.

5) Ichigo sure has grown in power.

6) Seriously?!  What the hell?!  This chapter just ended like that?!

7) Okay, this chapter was disappointing to me.  It ended up being just the average chapter from this series.  And yeah, my expectations are not high at all.

8) I see Ichigo fighting the rest bof those b****es in the next chapter.  I don’t think said battle/fight will be finished but may end up continuing for the next couple of chapters.  Or more.

Nothing else to comment about this chapter at all.


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