[Naruto] Chapter 679 Thoughts

I hope this chapter is better than the chapter from that other series that I just read before this one.  So let’s get to it!

1) The colored cover pages is awesome!  I liked the fantasy theme going in with it.  It features the original Team 7 or Team Kakashi, to be more precise.  That said, I think the roles each member are playing sorta fits them.  Well, most of them, actually.

2) Oh, and thanks to the scanlation group for providing the artwork.  The Kakashi one is great!

3) Should i feel sympathetic to Madara for his pain?  Not really.  Don’t like the reason why said Uchiha bas***d is in pain, but he deserves it.

4) Sasuke’s fast.  ‘Nough said.

5) Wait a minute…does that mean that those White Zetsus used to be people?  Rather, the first batch of White Zetsus?  That’s…well, I’m mentally swearing about the injustice of it all, so I’ll keep this post clean from the swear words that I have about it.  Sorta clean.

6) Oh, and I don’t like having Naruto and Swanked get captured.  Thus,

7) Damn b**** and her minion.

8) That damn b**** left a sliver of her “will” or “essence” or whatever you call it within that ‘Holy Tree’ or something.  Her sons didn’t completely get rid of their mother.

9) DAMN B****!!!!!

10) Thank you, Sage of Six Paths, for giving your ‘gift’ to Naruto and Sasuke!  It saved them from Kaguya…for now.

11) Hamura…so that is his name.  Finally!  (Oh, if his name was mentioned before, I must have missed it.)

12) Well, it showns why the Byakugan is also an important bloodline.  Look at Kaguya usins said bloodline limit.  Didn’t expect that.

13) I don’t know the condition of Obito right now, but I’m optimistic for him.

14) DAMN B***H!  SHE’S A BI**H!!!!!

15) Seriously, I didn’t expect to have a lot to comment about for this chapter.  I guess the colored cover pages brought my interest level up so that I felt more commentary is needed for this chapter.

16) That said, I think Team Kakashi is in dire trouble.  Bu I also think that the summoned Hokages will play a role in helping Team Kakashi against Kaguya.  What role it may be is not clear to me, but they’ll help in some way.

So that’s it for this post!


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