[Noblesse] Chapter 324 Thoughts

Okay, so I nearly forgot about this chapter.  I was just too lazy to read it, but since the next chapter is already out, let’s just get to it.  So here are my thoughts about this chapter.

1) Ah, Tao.  You really made the start of the chapter a warm welcome with your personality.  Don’t ever change that part of yourself.  Ever.

2) Tao, thanks for interceding with your personality again.  Not that I mind the conversation between Kentas and Gejutel, but it sure was getting serious…and not fun.  But still a nice atmosphere, in a way.

3) Kentas is at least smart enough to know when to retreat.  Experience and maturity?  Maybe?

4) Ah, Karias.  You must also never change that part of yourself.  You entertain me, that’s for sure.

5) Again, thanks to Karias for the comedic relief.  Karias and Tao had entertained me in this chapter.  Much appreciated.

6) Damn Crombell.

7) I liked Rael’s anxiety about the current Lord arriving in Korea.  He deserves it, just a bit.

8) Hmm, what “unfinished business” does the current Lord and Raizel have?  I forgot if it was mentioned in previous chapters.

9) No future predictions/guesses until the next post for this series.  At least I wasn’t behind the series that much this time.

10) It was a nice chapter overall.  Except for certain characters, I actually liked the chapter for its content and comedic relief.  I liked how the focus was mostly on Raizel’s group.  And again, except for certain characters, the whole chapter was a nice read.


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