[Noblesse] Chapter 325 Thoughts

Anyway, caught up with the chapter right now.  So let’s just get to what I thought about it.

1) I don’t mind the seriousness of the conversation between the three enhanced human bodyguards and Karias.  I like their characters, so I’m okay with it.

2) Karias’s butt hurts so he can’t sit down?!  Hilarious!

3) Wow.  That was totally unexpected!  I didn’t think that Raizel’s current condition was that low, but when the current Lord injured him that much…well, that shows how much Raizel has been putting himself through this time.

4) Not surprising the reactions from Frankenstein, Regis, and the others.  Especially Frankenstein.

5) Wow, Regis stood up so fast.  Well, that’s how it is…

6) I’m not surprised that Ragnarok replenished Raizel’s power.  I had a feeling there was another motive behind the current Lord harming Raizel with Ragnarok, so I wasn’t upset over such an attack.  I’m actually relieved that the current Lord helped Raizel.  It has been such a worry about Raizel’s condition, so anything that can help Raizel, I’m all for it.  Within reason, of course.

7) How interesting, to see the current Lord and Raizel in a conversation such as the one they are having.

8) I really should remember Raskreia’s name.  But I’ll probably stick to calling her the current Lord.

9) Again, it’s so nice to Raizel get help.  Only the current Lord could help him, that’s for sure.

10) I see the next chapter probably going back to the Union’s side of things.  Not really sure, though.  But the next chapter could also go back to the Raizel’s group and how they will deal with the Union, knowing the things they know now.  Or it could be that the next chapter will begin with Muzaka.  Or a flashback scene.  Whatever the case, that is what I think will happen in the next chapter.

11) This chapter wasn’t so bad at all.  I liked seeing the current Lord helping Raizel.  And even though the beginning was sorta dry for me, it was still a good start to the chapter.

Until next time, then!


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