[Ability] Chapter 5 Thoughts

This will be the format until I’m all caught up with the series.  And I tell you this, it will be a long time until I’m caught up with it.  But I’ll get there.  Eventually.

1) I still think the action is slow.  But it still looks interesting.

2) There’s the humor I’ve associated with that other series!  Thinking about women instead of the little girl…

3) I think the creators has a fetish with black suits.  Seriously.

4) So said beings are called “Another” by the humans.  Hmm, seems like folklore will play a role in this series.  At least, the monsters, that is.

5) That guy’s attitude…is annoying.  The one called Mase, that is.

One down, many more to come before I’m caught up.


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