[Bleach] Chapter 584 Thoughts

Okay, so let’s just get to what I thought about the chapter, shall we?

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some nice artwork.  The character for each artwork were also nice to look at.

2) Damn it.  Why did it go from Ichigo’s battle to that stupid Emperor villain.

3) Don’t like Gigi’s way of ‘healing’.  It just plain sucks.

4) Wow, that’s just shows that there are no camaraderie between certain characters within that group.  Sheesh, that’s harsh.  Not that I mind too much, though.  Wasn’t really into those damn b****es.

5) Okay, that one that has that floating chair reminds of Yoda from that certain series.  You know what I’m talking about.

6) Eight against Ichigo…will that be enough, I reckon?  Though I’m not sure if said battle will even make an appearance in the next chapter.

7)  When that Emperor villain mentioned “sons”, I think he also meant Ichigo.  Because Ichigo will follow said villain.

8) That said, I think that light is focused on reaching that Spirit King or whatever that person’s title.  Hey, I forgot.

9) Also, I see that in the next chapter, there will be more characters to help Ichigo fight against those 8 villains.  I don’t think that Ichigo will be held up for long by those 8, given that there will probably be reinforcements coming to stall said 8 villains and Ichigo will go follow the Emperor villain.

And that is what I think of the chapter.


2 thoughts on “[Bleach] Chapter 584 Thoughts

  1. I just read Bleach recently *again* after stop it for awhile, so i don’t really understand, why Ichigo will follow that villain? And why Ishida follow that villain?

    Btw, I love your thoughts. I always read Naruto’s part.. 😀

    • Thanks for reading! Hope they entertain you! 🙂

      As for Bleach, that Emperor villain is the original Quincy. Ishida is that guy’s “descendant” and his reasons as to following him has not been revealed. Ichigo is also a Quincy from his mother’s side. Ichigo will follow because that Emperor villain will go to that Spirit King dude (whose name/title I had forgotten) and Ichigo wants to stop him. Well, Soul Society wants to stop the Emperor and his goons. Now this is all just speculation on my part, so I’m not sure if it will be happen or not.

      As I keep on mentioning, the contents of Bleach is not up to par with Naruto’s content. At least in my view. But I still follow it because this is the last arc of the series and since I began posting here about them, I’m willing to finish them.

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