[Ability] Chapter 9 Thoughts

Again, this will be brief/short until I’m caught up with the series.  Also, no future predictions/guesses until that time.  So let’s get to it!

1) Both the blond hero and the lipstick dude are funny.  And no, I have nothing against lipsticks on guys, I just need to identify the character since I still don’t know his name and I may forget it in the long run.  Thus, lipstick dude.

2) Just because Sa-ryun, a.k.a. lipstick dude, gave Yu-wha, a.k.a. blond hero, that glove doesn’t mean lipstick dude is blond hero’s “friend”.  I just think lipstick dude doesn’t want any “Anothers” to get his prey, which is blond hero.  (Yeah, I think I’ll keep on going with the label until their names stick to my mind.  Even then, I’ll still continue on with the labels.)

3) I found the humor in the series.  Thank you, blond hero and lipstick dude.

4) Detective Park, I’m sorry to say you still remind me of Mark from that other series.

5) Ah, blond hero.  You are getting deeper and deeper into that other world.  I guess you have to be there, given that “jewel” is in you.

Not a bad chapter.  I think one more before I stop for now.


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