[Ability] Chapter 14 Thoughts

Okay, one more after this and I’ll stop for now.  So let’s get to my thoughts about the chapter!

1) I’m super annoyed with Yu-hwa and his attitude about his Ability (I’ll capitalize it due to being such a huge thing in this series).  I may know the reason why Sa-ryun is upset about this police revelation, but even I feel the lipstick dude has a point in what he said to Yu-hwa.

2) Idiotic Yu-hwa.

3) I womder if Yu-hwa and his ideals will sway Sa-ryun from killing said blond hero?  Hmm…

4) Yu-hwa trust too easily for my taste.  Can’t wait to see that trust be wasted.  Evil of me, I know.

5) I expected Sa-ryun to act like that.  Not surprised at all about it.

Now this post is done.  Next, please!


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