[Ability] Chapter 15 Thoughts

Last one for this current update to the series.  Now let us get to my thoughts!

1) Right now, I don’t even feel mad that Yu-hwa is getting his ass kicked by Sa-ryun.  Yeah, still annoyed with that damn ideal/personality.

2) Yu-hwa is under Sa-ryun’s thimb/bidding in this training.

3) Nice show of your powers, Yu-hwa!  Impressive.

4) Healing powers…I don’t mind it, but I realky don’t like how Yu-hwa “heals” his Another opponents.  Just annoying.

5) Glad to read so many ‘pages’ of the chapter.  Nice.

It’s the end of the latest batch of updates for this series.  See you next time in my attempt to catch up with said series!


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