[Naruto] Chapter 681 Thoughts

Now it is this series’ turn to get my thoughts out as I read this new chapter.  So here are my thoughts:

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some good fanwork!

2) Nice save, Naruto & Sasuke!  Truly expected from both of you!  Even though it was Sasuje who saved himself, Naruto did keep his teammate from falling.  So I’m giving that action to both of you.

3) Nice try, Sasuke!  You thought said attack would work, so at least you tried!

4) Nice thinking, Naruto!  Finally a small focus on saving Obito from that position.

5) Kaguya could do that sort of thing?!  Well, that’s not really surprising, but it is still something interesting.

6) Kaguya crying?!  Now that is a tad surprising, yet explainable, too.

7) Now we get to see Kaguya’s other son.  I can see some similarities…

8) Ha.  So Black Zetsu is a creation of Kaguya.  Calling itself as “Kaguya’s child” is a slight difference from its “brothers” in a way.  Rather, I think it should be called “Kaguya’s Will” or something like that.  After all, its sole purpose is to resurrect Kaguya wile using humans as its pawns.

9) So Black Zetsu knows about Ashura and Indra’s chakra.  Probably kept a close eye on said chakra signatures.

10) Hmmm, what an intersting flashback story.

11) Damn Black Zetsu.

12) Damn Infinite Tsukuyomi.

13) Seriously, this is all whacked up.  Or f***ed up, if one wants o be more simple.

14) Does that mean, if the people becomes Zetsu clones, they won’t return back to their original selves?  That’s plain bulls***!

15) I don’t know if I should even feel sorry for Kaguya or not.  I mean, her mother side is ‘soft’ and I feel empathy for that side.  But on the other hand, Kaguya is a b**** for everything else.

16) Hamura, the “overshadowed” brother.  Damn, but what is it with the same first letter names for twins?  Why can’t there be some differences or something like that, hm?  And why does Hamura have to sound similar to Shimura?!  Damn, now it left a bad taste in my mouth…

17) Way the go, Naruto!  You got out of that dilemma real well!

18) Hm,.that counterattack?  The only one I know is probably not the one that will be revealed in the next chapter.  Maybe.

19) I see the tag team of Naruto and Sasuke fighting against Kaguya and Black Zetsu.  Who knows, may be the summoned Hokages will make their appearances at the battlefield.

20) Also, nice of Naruto to say that about mothers.  Truly Naruto-ish of him to say that.

I liked this chapter.  It was a nice one that revealed some back story as well as other things.


2 thoughts on “[Naruto] Chapter 681 Thoughts

  1. I am agree with you. And i am curious about “that technique”..
    But to tell the truth, it’s a little boring with just Naruto and Sasuke plus Kaguya *and black zetsu*. I wan’t other character is come back from that damn infinite tsukuyomi. Well, I know it’s impossible for now.. >.<

    • I hear you. At least the story is moving faster than Bleach in my eyes. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing the summoned Hokages; they are other characters.

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