[Noblesse] Chapter 327 Thoughts

I want to get this done so that I wouldn’t forget about it and get behind.  Thus, let me tell you my thoughts about this chapter.

1) Damn, it started with Crombell.  Tsk!

2) I didn’t know Muzaka has a daughter.  Now I want to know what happened to Ashlynn.

3) Hahahahaha!!!!!!  Raizel and the current Lord sure is funny!!!!!  And askimg that question?!?!?!?!?!  Yeah, both are just…hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

4) I was going to say something about the time when some of Raizel’s gang were going through the motions of leaving for school, but…I really can’t think of anything right now.  Well, except to point it out.

5) The human high schoolers even have cameos in this chapter.  Not bad, even though they aren’t faves of mine.

6) So this is the end of season 6.  Well…hm, I guess I’m disappointed at the ending.  Then again, it will continue in the next arc/season.  Given that the next chapter will be the new arc/season, I’m onluly providing these guesses: the presence of the current Lord, Crombell using Muzaka for his own needs, Muzaka and Raiezel fighting each other, and the humor I associate with this series.

So for this series, I’ll see you readers in two weeks, when the series will be back on July 8th.  Until then, I got other series to comment about.


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