[Silver Spoon] Chapter 103 Thoughts

I didn’t really expect to have a post about this chapter, but the beginning of it grabbed my attention.  Thus, here are my thoughts about the chapter.

1) OKAWA!!!!!  You really brought your game in this chapte!!!!!  I don’t know if I want to hug your or strangle you.  But you are one memorable character!!!

2) I liked the chapter cover.  Seeing the Komaba siblings sure makes a sweet picture.  🙂

3) I don’t even mind the huge information about the agricultural businesses.

4) I liked seeing the Komaba family.

5) Nice to see baseball.  It links so many people in the series, so I’m okay with it.

6) So will the next chapter focus on Komaba?  Or baseball?  Hmm, how will it go?  I don’t really have an idea for what will happen in the next chapter.  I’m just too lazy to think about it.

Anyway, let’s see what happens in the next chapter soon.


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