[Bleach] Chapter 587 Thoughts

Not really in the mood to focus on this chapter.  But I don’t want to be behind right now, so I’m going to just get this over with.  Now let’s get to it!

1) Nice cover page.  What is it with non-existent bras?  If the bosoms are that huge, I would have expected bras.  Just saying.

2) Nice to have Orihime get to save Ichigo.

3) Angsty Ichigo.  Not really liking that mood.

4) Way the go, Chad!  Ichigo really needed that.

5) So nice of Kisuke ot drop by.

6) Also nice to see Renji and Rukia fighting against that mohawk dude.

7) The comedic exchange between the mohawk dude and Renji is hilarious!

8) So Emperor Bach has arrived.  Eh.

9) I think that group will be fighting against Emperor Bach’s group.  I’m not sure if it will solely focus on that scene or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised that the next chapter will be focused on one scene.  Not yet sure if said scene will be Emperor Bach, the mohawk dude, or Ichigo.

Until next time!


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