[Naruto] Chapter 683 Thoughts

Okay, life has been intruding in my life right now, so my focus isn’t truly set on this series right now.  But I want to keep up with the series, so I’m putting some time to focus on this.  That said, let me put down my thoughts about this chapter.

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!

2) At least Naruto was quick in that action.  Though it was a futile effort.  At least Naruto tried, so that counts some.

3) I liked how the focus of the action is on Naruto.  I may not like his opponent, but being Naruto-centric isn’t so bad.

4) It seems like Obito doesn’t have enough time left in this world.  How sad.

5) How dire those words seems like.  A dark foreshadowing.  But at least Team 7 is prepared for such an event, if it happens like that.

6) I liked how the scene changed to focus on the summoned Hokages.  I had wondered what happened to them…

7) Wow.  The Sage of 6 Paths has appeared to the summoned Hokages.  Didn’t think that he would make appearances to others, but it seems like there is still some information that is needed to be conveyed.

8) A brief glimpse of Sasuke.  Well, at least he wasn’t forgotten in this chapter.  Unlike other characters…

9) I’m glad to see this Obito.  He know that he doesn’t have enough time left, but he wants to see the end of his life in his own way.  Plus, he has found the path that he wants to take, so that’s good.  I like this Obito.  Well, the Obito of this chapter.

10) I see the next chapter with the move to save Sasuke.  Yeah, it will have some Obito highlights.  At least, that is what I think.  For sure, it will be a collaborative effort for all sides to save the world from Kaguya.  I see all the groups working in tangent with each other.  In their own way.

I’m glad for this chapter.  It made me focus entirely on this chapter and not on the life’s intrusions that has been on my mind recently.  Not bad at all.


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