[Ability] Chapter 16 Thoughts

I’m back again in my attempt to catch up with the series!  Today, I’m only doing this post.  Yeah, I got a lot more chapters to read, but I’m trying.  Anyway, here are my thoughts about this chapter:

1) Yeah, healing the enemy sucks while one is fighting.  Detrimental to the whole thing.

2) Sa-Ryun sure is fast.

3) I was wondering when those people were going to make their re-appearances again.  So it seems like they are linked with the Another world.  Hmmm…

4) Mr. Mase and the two curious fellows.  Yeah, some major talk will come in the next chapter, which I don’t know when I will get to it.

Okay, done with this post.  Next one will come up when I have a free time.


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