[Noblesse] Chapter 328 Thoughts

It’s back!!!!!!!!!

Introducing the new arc, which I don’t even know.  Basically, this chapter is the first of many for this arc or season, as the creators call it.

That said, let me put down what I thought about the chapter.

1) The previous Lord!!!!!!  Nice to see that he is the first character in the chapter.  So glad to see him again.

2) Gejutel and Krasis sure had their hands full taking care of the precious Lord.

3) Ah, previous Lord.  You deserve another point just for being yourself.

4) So this flashbqck scene is all about the first meeting between Raizel and Muzaka.  Hah.

5) I didn’t expect that messenger to be the current Lord.  Then again, the order came from the previous Lord, so it shouldn’t be surprising at all.

6) The last order, though…yeah, it makes me smile.

7) I wasn’t surprised that the chapter is a flashback scene.  I think I would have preferred that rather than focusing on the current timeline right now.  Any new information about Raizel and the past is widely appreciated.  The more I know about this series, the better it is.

8) I think that the next chapter may be about the continuation of this chapter.  Or it could return back to the current timeline.  Not really sure which direction it may go from here.

9) This chapter wasn’t bad at all.  I liked the content of the chaptrer.  I liked the characters shown in this chapter.  Overall, it was a nice read.

Well, that’s theend for this post.  See ya next time!


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