[Bleach] Chapter 588 Thoughts

I have time to get this post out, so let us just get to it!

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing the amazing artwork with the chapter!  They were great!

2) So the start of the chapter started with the Emperor’s group of three.  Well…

3) Nice to see that certain Soul Society division.  You know what I mean.

4) Way the go, General of the East!

5) Oh?  Bamby is a male?!  And it takes a Soul Society member, whose name I forgot, to get it correct.  Damn, that was unexpected.

6) I expect the next chapter to feature the battle between said Soul Society members and the cross-dressing enemy with thenew arrival.  I don’t know if the whole chapter will be all about the fight or switch to other scenes, but that is all I predict will happen in the next chapter.

The only good part in the chapter I enjoyed is that Bamby revelation.  Otherwise, it was an okay overall chapter.


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