[Bleach] Chapter 589 Thoughts

I did say that I was going to publish another post, and it may be late, but here is another one.  I already mentioned that I had other things on my mind earlier this week, so I didn’t read the current chapters until now.

That said, let me get to my thoughts about this chapter.

1) I appreciate the artwork provided by the scanlation group.  Thanks!

2) Not a bad cannon there.  Way the go, Soul Society captains (former and current ones).

3) Sneaky Chad for asking that particular question.

4) Linked to the above point, I sorta find that certain tidbit clashing with the scene.  It may be for humor, but putting it there…well, I don’t think it should be placed there, but that’s just my opinion.

5) Sneaky Kisuke for that certain uniform.  I think he’s having fun with teasing Orihime…and Ichigo.  Sneaky guy.

6) Orihime’s boobs are a joke of its own.  They deserve their own point in this post.  ‘Nough said.

7) Again, I’m torn between the inappropriateness of said joke in this certain scene and finding said humor of the same joke.  Again, it deserves another point about my feelings for it.

8) Great job, Kisuke amd Yoruichi.

9) I am so tired of that certain villain that is fighting against those two Souls Society members.  S/He is very annoying.  Thank goodness that certain Soul Society captain arrived.

10) I see the hext chapter continuing with that certain villain against those three Soul Society members.  And that villain’s zombie underling.  Yeah, that’s all that I predict for the next chapter.  Not really inspired to guess more.

Overall, not a bad chapter.  Got to see some Ichigo.  Got to see some humor.  And there was some action, too.  Not bad at all.


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