[Noblesse] Chapter 329 Thoughts

Had a lot of things on my mind, so I didn’t feel like reading some chapters and publishing some posts earlier this week.  However, I felt I should get this done before the week is over and I end up getting behind…again.

Anyway, here are my thoughts for the chapter:

1) So the chapter begins with a meeting between those future Union members and Muzaka.  So misleading…and mistrustful of me when I read this.  Yeah, I really don’t care for the Union at all.

2) So I was correct that the conversation ended like that.  The feeling, I mean.  And that those future Union members are not to be trusted…and are traitors…just like some within the Nobles.  Che.  Leaves a sour feeling in my mouth.

3) Raizel in the past has not changed at all within this current flashback story.  Nice.

4) The previous Lord and Muzaka knows each other.  Not surprising, nor even the atmosphere between them.  I can just see them interacting that way with each other.

5) Poor Muzaka.  Given his wanderlust, he sure doesn’t know everything that happens to his people, nor what machinations some of them has done during his travels.  But that is his own fault.

6) I see the next chapter continuing where the end of this chapter left of.  Muzaka has a ways to go to get to the bottom of this fiasco.  I think his trust for his people and the “friendly” feeling he has with the Nobles will be in conflict, all due to the future Union members in both groups.  I wonder if his daughter will make an appearance in the next chapter?  I really don’t have a lot to predict for the next chapter.

Overall, the chapter wasn’t a bad one.  I liked some of the charactrers featured in this chaper, though some of them left a bad taste in my mouth.  The start of this arc/season hasn’t been bad at all.  Well, thus far, that is.

Anyway, see you next chapter for this series!  (And no, this won’t be the only post published today.)


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