[Ability] Chapter 17 Thoughts

I’m back with my attempt to reach the current chapter!  Again, a reminder that I won’t be giving any future predictions/guesses until I’m caught up with the series.  So let’s get to my thoughts!

1) Okay, I know that the series has the same creators, so I can’t help but see the similarities between certain characters from both series.  Especially since the previous post that was published today was about the current chapter from that other series.

2) I had wondered when those people from the beginning of the series were going to make their reappearances.  Now that they have…yeah, I’ll withhold my opinions about them until I know more.

3) Yu-hwa keeps on waking up after getting hit from that punk.  Well, duh.

4) I think the creators have a fetish for black suits or something.

5) Ah, Young Lady.  Seems you can get that punk with your glare.  Che.

6) So…the Young Lady sure don’t want Yu-hwa to get into her business.  Well, at least she still appreciates her savior.

7) Overall, it wasn’t a bad chapter.  Liked the humor in it, too.

Okay, done with this post.  Next one coming right up!


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