[Noblesse] Chapter 330 Thoughts

Didn’t think that I would get this out so quickly, eh?  Well, I’m at a computer and I’m not distracted enough to not get this out for the readers.

That said, let’s get my thoughts out!

1) Ah, Muzaka.  It seems you really don’t know your people that well at all.  Then again, it is also the fault of your people, giving you false tales about their involvement with the humans.  Overall, both you and your people are at fault.  Not to say that the Nobles weren’t also at fault, whatever role they may had been in those events.

2) Maduke…you b*****d.

3) I liked the humor in the middle of this chapter.  It breaks the seriousness a bit.

4) Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Oh, previous Lord.  Why did you give that order to Krasis about his child?  You should see the present Blaster C. L. right now.  You would probably compliment Krasis for succeeding.

5) Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

6) Linked with the above point, it pertains to the current Lord and Raizel.  Ah, the two awkward people are so similar in that aspect.  They sure don’t know how the previous Lord thinks.  That said,

7) Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

8) Garda has a point.  Muzaka, what will you do?

9) I really want those fiends to get their comeuppance.  However, I also realized that Muzaka is treading a thin line right now.  A rock and a hard place, if you think about it.  But I’m not sure what Muzaka will do.  All I can think right now is that I feel like Muzaka is a pitiable person, no matter his history.  Thus, what I think will happen in the next chapter will be Muzaka dealing with those fiends and some more scenes of the Nobles.

Overall, this chapter wasn’t so bad at all.  See ya in the next chapter’s commentary!


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