[Ability] Chapter 18 Thoughts

I’m back with trying to catch up with the series!  So let’s go with my thoughts!

1) Yu-hwa should count himself lucky that the Young Lady saved him from an interrogation.

2) Matter of fact, Detective Park should also count himself lucky that he didn’t get bruised or something.

3) Poor Yu-hwa.  He doesn’t get a break at all.

4) Poor cafe.  So many things breaking the building.  Not even some time off for repairs.  Seriously, no breaks at all.

5) Too many factions.  Not enough information.  Well, seems like Yu-hwa must pick a side.  But which faction will he be in, hm?

6) HON, hah.  At least we get aname for the organization.

7) Poor Yu-hwa again, being used as bait.  Damn,the main protagonist sure hasalot of things ganging up for him.

8) The chapter wasn’t a bad one.

Done with the post!  See ya next chapter for my thoughts!


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