[Ability] Chapter 19 Thoughts

I got another post for everyone.  Hope you like reading my thoughts about the chapter.

1) Is it just me, or does both that punk guy and Yu-hwa sorta share the same temperament?

2) Does Detective Park’sapartmemt seem like it is bigger than a normal apartment in that country usually looks like?  I’m just basing it due to what I think an average apartment would be in that country.

3) I keep seeing Yu-hwa get his ass kicked, and I wish he wou,d use his brain…

4) …which he did after awhile.  Seriously, Yu-hwa, you need to mature a bit.

5) So Detective Park was taken by the Another.  Hm, makes me think that said human will be used against Yu-hwa and/or betray said protagonist.  Guess I’m too cynical.

Anyway, it wasn’t a bad chapter.  See ya next time in my attempt to catch up with the series!


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