[Ability] Chapter 20 Thoughts

So here I am, back with another attempt in trying to catch up with the series.  Therefore, let’s get to my thoughts about the chapter!

1) Ah, Yu-hwa.  Locked again, I see.  But at least it is under dfferent situations.

2) So the Young Lady is Su-jin.  Not a bad name.

3) Yu-hwa…how dare you stand up Su-jin!!!!  Not even a phone call explaining why you didn’t attend the blind date.  How mean of you!!!!

4) So the end of the chapter starts the whole fight between those Anothers and Yu-hwa’s group.  Hm.

5) Overall, the chapter wasn’t bad at all.  I actually enjoyed some parts more than others.

Another post done!  See ya in the next attempt!


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