[Ability] Chapter 21 Thoughts

I want to get at least one more post done before I stop this latest attempt in catching up with the series.  My plan is to get near the end of Season 1 by the end of the year.  Which means that I want to be near chapter 60 by the end of December.  I give myself this leeway because life may intrude and I will have to prioritize which series I want to focus on.  Thus far, right now I want to focus on five series, with this series being one of them.  I still got a few more series I got to catch up on, but they will have to be on hold for now.  Besides that, one series has already ended and I already read the ending; I still plan to read said series, though.

Anyway, another short post about my thoughts of this chapter.  Again, a reminder that I won’t provide any future predictions/guesses until I’m caught up with the series.  So let me start on my thoughts!

1) Action, action, action.  That’s what the chapter is all about.

2) Ye-rin.  Seems like she is stronger than the punk.

3) Yu-hwa is fighting against one Another.  He may be getting beat up, but he sure is getting up from all the beating he is getting.

4) Was I surprised that the two HON agents finished their fights?  Not really.

5) It wasn’t a bad chapter.  I wasn’t bored that much.  Just a tad, but overall, the chapter wasn’t bad at all.

This is the last post for now.  Until next time, everyone!


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