[Bleach] Chapter 590 Thoughts

I’m ready to get my thoughts down.  Now let me tell you my thoughts about it!

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for the artwork!

2) Poor Bamby.  She’s a puppet, that’s for sure.

3) I truly hate that Gigi’s guts, if that is that villain’s name.  Despicable.

4) So that is how that certain Soul Society Captain has done.  Plus, having those Arrancar to help him.  Well, that’s something else.

5) I see the next chapter continuing where this chapter ended.  Let’s see how the Arrancar will face against those ‘zombies’.  Otherwise, I think the next chapter is just the continuation of the battle raging in this chapter.

6) I am sorta disappointed in this chapter.  Not a lot grabbed my attention.  Thus, the short post.  How sad.

That’s all for the post!  See ya later!


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