[Naruto] Chapter 687 Thoughts

Still pissed about the crackdown list, so let’s just get to the thoughts I have about this chapter.

1) Thanks again, scanlation group, for providing some great fanwork!  Just felt that Kakashi’s eyes were smaller than Obito’s in that one artwork.  But the Tenten one sure looks sexy!  Loved the Chinese-styled dress she wore.

2) Such heart-felt words, Obito.  It seems you know that Kakashi should be saved to continue leading Team 7.  Yeah, I can understand your reasoning.  Still…

3) Naruto, that’s definitely an action that you’ll do.

4) Harsh, Black Zetsu.  Just harsh.

5) Awwwwwww…Obito.

6) I actually don’t mind that flashback scene.  Definitely touching.

7) OBITO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8) So touching!!!!!!  Love the ending of the chapter!!!!!  Definitely one of my fave chapters!!!!!  Just because of how the whole chapter went.  Yeah, the focus ended up being on Obito, but he deserves it, given that he finally died in this chapter!!!

9) This chapter is a heart-warming chapter.  I liked how Naruto reacted to the event, which is typical of him.  Due to the content of the chapter, it deserves to be one of the chapters in my fave list.

10) I see Naruto attacking Kaguya and Black Zetsu because of his anger from Obito’s death.  Of course, Sasuke is with him in attacking Kaguya and Black Zetsu.  How that part of their battle against their enemies will work out I really don’t know.  But that’s what I see for the next chapter.  Oh, and I hope that there is at least a glimpse of the summoned Hokages within the chapter.  I sure do miss them.

That’s all I got for this post.  See ya in the next chapter, whenever that may be.


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