[Noblesse] Chapter 331 Thoughts

There’s a crackdown for online manga sites by the Japanese government this upcoming month.  So I’m not sure how it will go from here, given that the site that I read the manga series and commented about is included in the list.  Which really sucks since I really feel that there are manga that will never reach foreign shores.

Anyway, with that said, I think that this series won’t really be affected, given that it really isn’t a Japanese series at all.  But again, not really sure where I’ll be able to read this series now that the site that I read it is in the crackdown list.  So until then, I’ll just continue onward.

Now let’s get down to my thoughts!

1) Poor Muzaka.  Poor conflicted Muzaka.

2) Damn Maduke and his minions.

3) I liked how Muzaka visited Raizel at the end of the chapter.  Having Muzaka tell Raizel information about the outside world and Raizel’s reactions to said information is my favorite part of the chapter.

4) I see Maduke and his minions continue on with their devious plans.  I really want to see when Muzaka with his daughter, so hopefully said event will occur in the next chapter.  And I want to see Raizel, of course.

5) I wanted to strangle Maduke and his minions in this chapter.  The only part that I liked was the ending of the chapter.  The rest, not so much.

That’s all I want to put down for this chapter in this post.


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