[Noblesse] Chapter 332 Thoughts

I didn’t feel reading the chapters and posting at all last week.  I was busy with life’s intrusions and…well, I was upset over the senseless and worrisome prank that I got caught up with about the online manga websites.  That said, I finally feel up to reading the series.

Yeah, this post will probably be short since I’m one chapter behind.  But in the next post I’ll get my predictions/guesses down.  Until then, these are my thoughts about this chapter.

1) Ahahahahahahaha!!!!  Ah, the previous Lord is a riot!!!!!  Ordering his daughter, Lascrea, to visit Raizel again.  Ahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

2) Muzaka stayed that long at Raizel’s place?  Wow, that’s long.  Though I guess time is irrelevant for both Muzaka and Raizel.

3) Krasis is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy different from his heir.  Very different.

4) Ah, Lascrea.  You really are a character.  Just that.

5) I had known that Raizel had to do some troublesome actions for Lukedonia.  Not really surprising that he has to act against those traitors to protect the humans.

6) Seriously, I really think that Muzaka keeps pushing his troubles away.  He doesn’t want to deal with them right then; he needs time to think them over.  Even though I don’t like his minions, I wish that Muzaka had made a decision at that time.  It doesn’t even have to be the final decision, but at least stand up for his beliefs or something.  I just feel that Muzaka is being pushed by his minions or something like that.

These are my thoughts about the whole chapter.  One more chapter and I’ll be caught up with the series.


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