[Beelzebub Bangai Hen] Chapters 2-3 Thoughts

I’m putting this two chapters together because they are linked with each other.  Also, I just didn’t feel like doing two posts for the same story.

Anyway, here are my thoughts about the whole thing:

1) It’s nice to see the whole gang (well, most of them) together.  The colored chapter page was also nice to look at.

2) Furuichi, being his perverted self, didn’t disappoint me at all.  However…

3) …seeing his reactions to his models sure was entertaining!

4) Himekawa is being himself, as usual.  Toujou being there was also nice.

5) The whole missing scenario reminds me of Jack Sparrow from that movie franchise.  You know what I mean…I hope.

6) I missed seeing Beel “grow up” a bit.  But he still is a cute one!

7) A fish is what they are all fighting against each other for.  Seriously.

8) Sorry, Nene.  But Hilda wins hands down.

9) A cliche plot, but I expect some hilarity from this serious situation.

10) I’m proud of the whole group.  They all worked together (even though Toujou basically built the whole ship by himself) to plan their escape.  Nice job!

11) Got to give a point for Toujou.  I mean, he is a man of multiple talents.  Great work, Toujou!

12) I liked how Beel’s foot is on Furuichi’s face.  Poor Furuichi.

13) Damn, but I like Himekawa with his hair down.

14) Poor Beel…

15) …GO, BEEL!!!!

16) It ends up with Beel saving the whole group.  So good of him!

17) I liked how and where Kunieda landed.

18) Furuichi provided the last comedic relief for the whole chapter.  Nice.

19) I actually liked the whole story that encompassed two chapters.  Though I think I liked the ending of the story, which is the end of this chapter, the best.  But overall, it was a nice side story.  Having Beel save the day is a nice touch, though I think said solution to the whole exorcism problem could have been a tad better.  Not Beel’s part, but the whole group’s solution to it all.  Only a touch, though.

20) Now as to the whole side stories, which is basically two side stories right now.  I actually liked the first one the best out of the two side stories.  I guess the youngest members of the group (yeah, I just gathered them into one whole group) made said first side story better than the second side story.  I just preferred the first side story right now.  Who knows how many side stories there will be.  But yeah, the first side story is my current fave.


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