[Bleach] Chapter 593 Thoughts

I was disappointed by the previous chapter of this series.  I hope that this chapter provides me with better entertainment.  That said, here are my thoughts about the chapter:

1) I sorta feel like Zombie Toshiro looks cool.  In a different way from his usual coolness.

2) Mayuri has already given Zombie Toshiro an experimental drug or something.  I mean, the repeating pattern, right?

3) That certain phrase is when Mayuri gave Zombie Toshiro said drug.  That’s what I think.

4) Overall, the chapter wasn’t a bad one.  Content-wise, it was a tad more interesting than the previous chapter.  At least, I was more entertained by said chapter.

5) I think that the next chapter will have Zombie Toshiro repeating more times of said event until he finally figured out said time when he was given the experimental drug.  As for real time, I think that not enough time has passed since Mayuri gave Zombie Toshiro said drug.  That said, Gigi will sulk and do something that I would not think of.  Thus, my prediction/guess for the next chapter.

It may be the time in which I had this post published, but I’m stopping right now.  I’ll handle the other series next time, whenever it may be.  But at least I’m caught up with this series.  So I’ll see you next time!


2 thoughts on “[Bleach] Chapter 593 Thoughts

    • I really want Toshiro to return “back” but I don’t think he would return to “normal” per se. I actually like Toshiro, so he is one of those characters that I’m rooting for. Thus, I think that Mayuri, crazy scientist that he is, does have a way to wrest control of Toshiro from Gigi (who I hatex3). How, that is the question.

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